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AG Event Registration System

A list of events open for online registration are listed below. Please select the event that you want to register for from this list. If you have previously saved a cart session, click here to return to that cart session.

Upcoming Events
1000+ Lead Pastor Connect
2017 Assemblies of God Senior Adult Ministries Greece Discipler's Journey
2017 BGMC Missions Summit -- Pigeon Forge, TN
2017 Designed for Life
2017 Elevate Life Church Holy Land Tour
2017 General Presbytery Meeting
2017 Israel Tour - An Exploration of Family-based, Biblical Discipleship
2017 Journeys of Faith Israel Tour
2017 NEEC -- Cedaredge, CO
2017 NEEC -- Forsyth, GA
2017 NEEC -- Sparks, OK
2017 Northern New England/Souther New England Launch
2017 NRMC -- Arecibo, PR
2017 NRMC -- Big Bear City, CA
2017 NRMC -- Carlsbad, NM
2017 NRMC -- Cle Elum, WA
2017 NRMC -- Maypearl, TX
2017 NRMC -- Terry, MS
2017 NRMC -- Whiteford, MD
2017 WCO -- Bakersfield, CA
2017 WCO -- Concord, NC
2017 WCO -- Fort Meade, FL
2017 WCO -- Muskogee, OK
2018 AG Holy Land Tour with Dr. James T. Bradford
2018 AG Kidmin Conference
2018 All Nations Conference
2018 Allison Park Church Trip to Israel
2018 As One with Authority
2018 Azusa Pacific Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
2018 Discipler's Journey -- Israel and Greece
2018 Epic Journey
2018 EPIC, Bridgewood, and North Point Holy Land Tour
2018 Journeys of Faith
2018 Journeys of Faith with The Church and Pastor David Brakke
2018 NEEC -- Fort Meade, FL
2018 NorCal Holy Land Tour
2018 RFA Holy Land Tour
2018 SeaCoast Grace -- Greece and Italy
2018 WCIC Holy Land Tour
2018 WCO -- San Antonio, TX
2018 Women's Faith Journey Israel Tour
31st National RV Convention
AG Coaches Forum 2017
AG Coaching Certification
AG Coaching Certification Renewal
AIM: Mission Assure Insurance Application
Cancelled--2017 Israel with Fellowship of the Parks
CMN Basic Assessment Training -- Indianapolis, IN
CMN Church Planter Assessment
CMN Launch -- Cleveland, OH
CMN Launch -- Dallas, TX
CMN Launch -- Seattle, WA
CMN Multiply Cohort
December 2017 BGMC Missions Summit -- Cabo San Lucas
General Council 2017
General Council 2017 Volunteers
Hong Kong 2018
Influence Conference Breakout Sessions
January 2018 BGMC Missions Summit -- Cabo San Lucas
Ungerboeck--2017 Windows into the Bible