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AG Event Registration System

A list of events open for online registration are listed below. Please select the event that you want to register for from this list. If you have previously saved a cart session, click here to return to that cart session.

Upcoming Events
1000+ Lead Pastor Connect
2017 AG Kidmin Israel Tour
2017 All Nations Conference
2017 Assemblies of God Senior Adult Ministries Greece Discipler's Journey
2017 BGMC Missions Summit -- Pigeon Forge, TN
2017 Designed for Life
2017 Elevate Life Church Holy Land Tour
2017 General Presbytery Meeting
2017 Journeys of Faith Israel Tour
2017 NEEC -- Ford, WA
2017 NEEC -- Forsyth, GA
2017 NEEC -- Fort Meade, FL
2017 NEEC -- Haverhill, MA
2017 NEEC -- Pillager, MN
2017 NRMC -- Terry, MS
2017 RUI and Pioneering Boot Camp
2017 Summer Emmaus Experience
2017 WCO -- Bakersfield, CA
2017 WCO -- Concord, NC
2017 WCO -- Fort Meade, FL
2017 WCO -- Lathrup, CA
2017 WCO -- Muskogee, OK
2017 WCO -- Poulsbo, WA
2017 WCO -- Vineland, NJ
2018 Allison Park Church Trip to Israel
2018 NEEC -- Fort Meade, FL
AG Coaches Forum 2017
AG Coaching Certification
AIM: Mission Assure Insurance Application
Cancelled--2017 Israel with Fellowship of the Parks
CMN Church Planter Assessment
CMN Launch -- Cleveland, OH
CMN Launch -- Dallas, TX
CMN Launch -- Minneapolis, MN
CMN Launch -- Seattle, WA
CMN Launch -- Springfield, MO
CMN Multiply Cohort
December 2017 BGMC Missions Summit -- Cabo San Lucas
General Council 2017
General Council 2017 Volunteers
Hong Kong 2018
January 2018 BGMC Missions Summit -- Cabo San Lucas
Ungerboeck--2017 Greece Discipler's Journey with Senior Adults Ministries
Ungerboeck--2017 Windows into the Bible